J D Partners | Sale & Leaseback - Legoland Hotel, Legoland, Winkfield Road, Windsor

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Acting on behalf of Aprirose Real Estate Investment Management, J D Partners brokered a forward sale and leaseback to Merlin Entertainments Group of a new hotel development at the Legoland Resort, Windsor.   Merlin planned to develop a themed hotel concept on a 2.7 acre site within the grounds of their existing Legoland theme park and were seeking a funding solution. 

J D Partners was able to secure a forward sale agreement with Aprirose which enabled Merlin to proceed with the development. Under the agreement, Merlin constructed the hotel and committed to a 35 year lease upon completion, renewable for a further 35 years at the end of the term.  The forward sale was arranged at a price of £18.5 million, with completion of the purchase and opening of the  hotel taking place in March 2012.